Top 5 Reasons You Need a Vacation

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Life gets busy, and sometimes we think, “I don’t have the time or money for a vacation this year.” But we’re here to help you get over your excuses and treat yourself to a vacation this year. It doesn’t have to be time consuming. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The only requirement is that you get away and have a good time.

So here are our top 5 reasons you need a vacation this summer (and why Pigeon Forge is the place to go):

1. People who “collect” experiences are happier overall than those who collect things.

Sure a new gadget might be nice for a little while, but the memories of good times with family and friends last forever. A study conducted by psychologists showed that, “The initial joy of acquiring a new object, such as a new car, fades over time as people become accustomed to seeing it every day, experts said. Experiences, on the other hand, continue to provide happiness through memories long after the event occurred.”

That seems like reason enough for you to make plans to take a trip this summer.

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2. A good time doesn’t have to break the bank.

Most vacations are what you make them, and that doesn’t have to mean they’re expensive. Pigeon Forge is within a day’s drive of nearly 75% of the U.S. population. That means you can drive instead of buying expensive plane tickets. Hotels like Riverside Towers offer two bedroom suites so the whole family can stay in one location. And the location offers plenty of free and inexpensive activities. Did you know the Great Smoky Mountains National Park doesn’t require an entrance fee? It’s one National Park that doesn’t. That means you can tour the most visited park in your vehicle, hike through one of it’s many trails, have a picnic with your family, and more for zero dollars.

3. Vacations can save your life.

Studies have shown that “annual vacations cut the risk of heart attacks in men by 30 percent and by 50 percent in women.” You don’t have to tell us twice. Getting away from every day life can be a good way to reset, but it’s also a great way to reassess the stress factor in your life. We all know chronic stress affects our health poorly, so why not spare a few days to have fun and get away from it all–for mental AND physical health.

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4. A vacation can make you better at your job.

A change of scenery can often get the creative and problem-solving juices flowing. When we’re under a lot of stress and pressure, it’s hard to find inspiration to solve bigger issues. A break and a change of scenery can work wonders on our minds and abilities. It’s hard to turn our brains off completely and totally unplug from work responsibilities–though we encourage you to ditch the smartphone and not check your email while on vacation–but when you’re more relaxed, you might come up with more ideas that you can use when you get back in the office.

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5. Pigeon Forge has something for EVERYONE.

This vacation destination has an event, attraction, or location for almost anyone no matter your interests. Car lovers can visit during one of our many rod runs, where vintage automobiles take over the town. Families can enjoy DollyWood and Splash Country, among many other kid-friendly attractions. Couples can reconnect on romantic mountain getaways, and stay in one of the Riverside Towers honeymoon suites. Nature-lovers and outdoorsy types have the Great Smoky Mountains right at our doorstep. Wine and spirits connoisseurs must visit our local wineries and distilleries. The list goes on and on.

Ready to book your vacation? Start with a room at Riverside Tower. We’re centrally located in the Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg areas, so you can take part in everything and have a respite close by when you need it.

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